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Happily Ever Maybe? by Hailey Shore


Welcome to Calico Cove

Happily Ever Maybe? by Hailey Shore is now live!


He’s the billionaire Beast of Calico Cove and I’m his sacrificial lamb… I mean, his new employee.

Malcolm Bettencourt is a recluse with a nasty scar across his face and a bad attitude. He has a bone to pick with my family over a loan my dad can’t pay back, so in order to save our lobster business, I agreed to live in his house as his housekeeper and cook.

We have nothing in common and there’s no reason to think he would want anything to do with someone like me. Except I can’t stop thinking about him and he can’t stop looking at me.

Author’s Note: This beauty and the beast retelling includes a grumpy hero, a sassy heroine looking to lose her v-card and a Pretty Woman moment with a black Am-Ex. Oh and an age gap romance with someone who may or may not be her lobster.




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Happily Ever… Maybe? by Hailey Shore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One of my favorite authors posted about this book in her Facebook group, which is how it ended up on my radar, and I should have known this was going to be fun personified based solely on who was recommending! I mean, sure, the title screams comedy at some level, but what we get with this story is more like comedic relief rather than straight up comedy. The characters are lively and Jolie, with her sunshine and brightness, was the perfect match for Mal, with his grumpy personality along with his loner and reclusive ways! Jolie was the sugar to his salt!

I loved these two separately and together! Their story was so much fun that I found myself reading it in just a few hours! Everything from the town and its people to Jolie and her family to Mal & Jolie as a couple was just heart-warming and it put a huge smile on my face. It wasn’t all fun and games and both Mal and Jolie grow throughout the story as individuals and as a couple in a very organic way which made their story believable!

This is Hailey Shore’s debut novel but something tells me this is not her first time writing! Do with that information what you will :)

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Meet Hailey Shore

Hailey Shore believes in hot coffee, cold wine and HEA’s. She is the combined talents of two besties who have been writing for over 20 years.

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